the moment

It is the present moment,

unblinking and fixed in place.

It is a quiet mind,

being okay with where you are in the race.


It fights nothing

and embraces all things.

Cancer, addiction,

all the things that make us happy or sad.


fear and guilt

take us away

from the glory of this moment

where God has his presence and sway.


Breathe deep and embrace the now

and exhale debris from the future and past;

For God sits and waits right here

with open arms, offering a love that lasts.


for her

The words aren’t coming out-

a kind of mental constipation.

When I think of her,

I’m speechless with infatuation.


Her eyes be jewels from heaven

and her hair be soft as snow.

Her words caress my mind

and make my thoughts glow.


Her patience, that of the moon-

hovering over a restless sea.

my waves ease quietly

under her gaze so lovingly.


her love, that of the sun-

indiscriminate in her tenderness.

she warms, even this bum,

in the radiance of her bliss.


She watches, patient and warm

over this stormy sea.

For she is no woman,

She is hope, shining eternally.